Wolves are the apex predator, after bears. They are fierce hunters and will eat almost any animal, including mice, rabbits, deers, boars, swans, ducks and even sometimes small birds. They range in colour from pale silver-white to charcoal black, and are natural pack animals, getting on well with other wolves.

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A mother wolf and her two cubs.

Diet Edit

Wolves will eat almost anything, but their hunger is best satisfied with big animals like bear, deer, boars, swans, badgers, foxes, and other large animals, but they will also eat smaller creatures like mice, blackbirds, rabbits and cats. They will also eat any kind of tree sapling, blackberry bushes and noble fir cones. They are actually reasonably skilled predators; wolves can often catch and kill their own food, without any assistance from the player, which makes them a nuisance if you are trying to keep other animals in an area with them.

Unlocking Location Edit

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Temperament and habits Edit

Wolves are a natural group animal, and get on well with other wolves, quickly playing with them and making friends without too much encouragement. They are less sociable with other animals, usually either eating them, or arguing with them. However, pups are much more playful, and may make friends with other creatures, remaining friendly towards these animals when they grow up. They are quite easy to "tame," if you give them enough food and attention, and they can easily be befriended by dousing them in clean water. They are one of the few land animals in the game that actually enjoy getting wet. Wolves breed often, and don't like to live alone. They often munch on saplings and bushes, and this can be a problem if you're trying to grow a forest or a patch of blackberry shrubs, although they are not quite as bad as deer.