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A squirrel(along with a cardinal and a fox)

197251-wolf squirrel

Not all forest animals get along-Wolf and Squirrel disagreeing

Squirrels are one of the smallest animals in the game next to some of the birds, mice and rats. They chatter noisly and scamper around, attracted by their favorite food-acorns and other tree nuts. They are cute and furry, with bushy tails-but are also on the run from predators- practically any carnivorous or omnivorous animals larger than them-including bears, wolves, badgers, even dogs. They live in many areas-Snobby Manor, Grassy Glen, River Ridge and can be attracted to the other lands as well. They will eat mostly any nut from a tree-maple, oak, chestnut and many more.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Squirrels are built like skunks and scamper around. They have bushy tails, tiny ears, and beady eyes. Their fur ranges from reddish, brown to grey.

In personality, they are timid and nutty animals. They are known to go crazy when around a predator(which they have tons of) and can be somewhat annoying to other animals.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Life is hard for a squirrel. Scampering and eating acorns all day sure is trying. Known for their high energy and playful personality, it's important that they have enough nuts to keep them going.

Favorite FoodsEdit

Maple Seeds

Spruce Tree Pinecones

Noble Fir Tree Pinecones



Squirrels can climb into holes in tree trunks. But not all trees have holes in their trunks. Sometimes a tree will have a hole, sometimes it won't, so what it may have to come to is you to keep planting a tree until one has a hole in it!

Common names in the gameEdit




Scooter (Male)


Dislikes(in D.S games)Edit

Crows(can be seen arguing in the D.S.)

Roses,flowers,azalea,and honeysukle

Their tree dying or being harmed in any way

Being rained on or thrown in water

Being near predators

Habits(in D.S games)Edit

When a tree falls down or gets burned the squirrel(s) that lived in it will stay near the spot that the tree used to be for about 2 days. During that time they will not look for another tree to live in.