Snobby Manor is the first area you unlock in SimAnimals for the Wii.


Snobby Manor is a small sandy and grassy clearing with a lake, a small, stone house with a garden out front, and two oak trees. There is also a cluster of buttercups and daisies growing near the oak trees, as well as a single blackberry bush. This area features a tutorial about the basic controls and gameplay of SimAnimals for the Wii.

Animals UnlockedEdit





These are some of the plants that commonly are found here, and/or present at the start of the game.'

  • Oak Tree
  • Buttercups
  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Cornflower
  • Poppy
  • Sweet William
  • Daisy
  • Blackberry Bush


Snobby Manor starts off devoid of any creatures, and with a tutorial of the basic controls of the game. You start with ten acorns in your backpack. Soon, a squirrel will arrive and you must befriend it, by feeding it acorns, either from your backpack, or by shaking them down from the two oak trees. After gaining some trust from the squirrel, wave your hand over it to pet it, and pretty soon, the squirrel will fully trust you and move into Snobby Manor, thus, earning you the medal "The Way of the Squirrel". After you befriend the squirrel, and the game teaches you about the happiness bar, a robin arrives, attracted by the acorns. You must feed it a cluster of acorns as one goal, and then you have to befriend the robin, which works the same way as befriending the squirrel. When the robin moves in, a cat arrives, and one of their favorite foods are robins. The game then asks you to place the robin into your backpack to save it, which is fairly simple. And this earns you the medal "The Way of the Robin". If you don't want your cat eating the robin or the squirrel, just make sure the robin and the cat both trust you, at least a little, and then drop the cat onto the robin (that order is important). Then they will play with each other and make friends and the cat wont eat its friend. This works with all of the animals. Always make sure they trust you, and drop the predator onto the prey, and you can make even a wolf be friends with a rabbit.