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A skunk and her kit in Misty Bog

Skunks are small mammals that dig burrows with their families. You will unlock them in River Ridge where bears live. They are attracted by the several blackberries you have grown, for that is one of their favorite foods. Skunks are omnivorous, and will eat rats, mice, and songbirds. They eat several other plants, however. There is the striped skunk(Mephitis Mephitis), the hooded skunk(Mephitis Macroura), and the spotted skunk(Spilogale Putorius) in the game. Skunks are eaten by bears, wolves, owls, and badgers. They were once members of the weasel family, related to badgers and ferrets. Skunks now have their own family because of the differences. Skunks are most known for releasing a horrible stench into the opponents face for defense.

Appearances and TraitsEdit

Skunks have bodies like squirrels and hop around like them. They have black fur with a white stripe on the back. They have several variations of fur patterns, one is even all black with thin white stripes. They also appear to have a little hair due above their heads, adults seem to have a little Mohawk.

In personality, skunks are friendly, humble, and prepared for a fight. They make friends moderately easy. Skunks don't want to, but will, use their scent glands if they have to when confronting a predator.

Way Of The SkunkEdit

1.Get sprayed by a skunk

2.Put two skunks in the backpack

3.Get a skunk to spray a bear