SimAnimals cover

SimAnimals is a life simulation video game created by Electronic Arts which was released on Nintendo's Wii and DS consoles. It was released in January of 2009.

On the game SimAnimals-you take on one main goal; to take over a forest and make it a happy environment by interacting with different woodland animals, feeding them, petting them and introducing them to friends. There are over 30 animals to make friends with including bears, foxes, squirrels, deer, birds, beavers, wolves, rabbits and many others. There are 11 different lands to unlock from meadows and backyards to swamps and lakes to junkyards and deserts. Your goal in each land is to fill the Happy Bar which represents how happy the animals and plants are in a land. Partway along the happy bar you can unlock new lands and if you fill the bar completley, you earn a medal of that land. You also have secondary goals such as attracting a certain animal, or feeding an acorn to a squirrel or getting a baby wolf to play with a baby rabbit and such.


The player starts the game at their house and also starts to learn a few basics of the game. A Squirrel then later a Robin will come. The player befriends them and moves on to the next area. The player gets to Grassy Glen and see's Rabbits and learns how to get seeds. The player later goes to Foggy Creek where they have to have two Deer mate. The player later goes to Castle Hill to help a Beaver build a dam.