River Ridge is the sixth land you unlock in SimAnimals for the Wii. It is a large grassy and sandy clearing with birch and walnut trees, a river, and some bears. There are two bears, most always named Bronson and Belinda. Some plants that are in River Ridge include Blackberry Bushes, Honeysuckle Bushes, Walnut trees, Birch Trees, Ash Trees, Maple trees, Mint and others. Bears are almost insatiably hungry, so keep those Blackberry Bushes abundant. They'll eat Maple seeds, Azalea flowers, roses, mushrooms, and pinecones, and some other stuff too though. Bears do happen to be omnivores.

Some other animals that thrive are skunks and blue jays. There is also a dam spot for beavers, and if you get a beaver to build a dam, water will appear in Dry Gulch.