The rabbit is the fourth animal you unlock in the game and are just plain adorable with their long ears and fuzzy tails. They are gray with white undersides. Their talents include hopping and digging. They are mostly found in Grassy Glen-and trust me-they come in by the hordes. They can also be found in Old Orchard and Big Rock. Rabbits are strictly plant-eaters, sticking to clovers and vegetables. Did I mention they are adorable?

In Game DescriptionEdit

From wiggly nose to cotton tail, the rabbit represents nature at its most awww-inspiring. While foraging for clover and other plants, the rabbit's long ears are always on predator alert. A hint of danger and timid rabbits hop quickly back into their burrows.

Favorite FoodsEdit






Burrows in the ground they dig themselves.

Hollow Logs

Hollow Stumps

Common names in gameEdit






Sweet Pea(Female)

Rabbits(in the D.S. games)Edit

Rabbits are very timid and hard to catch offguard.If a predator comes within sight (or 2 inches away)they bolt!They are very friendly sometimes they make friends with the predators,mostly the babys whitch aren't as "experienced" in running away.Baby rabbits are even cuter than adults,they also make cute little noises they hop.Rabbits can only live in burrows. Their favorite foods are roses and azaleas, and don't like being deprived of them.Rabbits tend to stay in one spot no matter if it has to eat weeds.

Habitats(in the D.S. games)Edit

Rabbits can live anywhere were there are rose or azalea bushes,but are mainly found at Tiny Creek.Their second favorite place to live is is Abandoned Cabin, right by the cabin where the azalea bushes grow.If you grow enough flowersthat they might come toWaterfall Pool too.