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Two opossums at Misty Bog

Opossums are small mammals which found in Misty Bog. They are marsupials and related to kangaroos, wombats, and the Tasmanian devil. There is only one type of opossum in SimAnimals, and that is the Virginia Opossum(Didelphis Virginiana) which is also the only marsupial in North America. Opossums are omnivorous and will eat fruits, mushrooms, nuts, and pinecones. They are also a prey of many of the carnivores in the game, even the tiny weasel sees the opossum as a favorite prey. Opossums are most known for playing dead(aka "playing possum") when threatened. They can live in burrows, trees, logs, and stumps. Opossums eat rats, mice, and songbirds. They are prey to dogs, weasels, bears, herons, owls, badgers, and wolves.

Favorite FoodsEdit





Appearance & TraitsEdit

Opossums have a body shape like a rat. They have naked pink tails and grey fur on their body. They have white fur on their head and can have grey fur around their eyes, sometimes to the point where it looks like a raccoon mask and have black ears with white tips. Like most low-to-the-ground mammals, they waddle(looking rather clumsy) instead of normally walking or hopping. They have a white underbelly sometimes. There are also points where they have reddish fur instead of white. They also have noticeably long legs which can be seen when they jump into burrows.

Opossum hopping into its burrow showing long legs

In personality, they are somewhat humble and shy. They don't make friends easily with carnivores unless they both trust the player and the carnivore is dropped on the opossum. Opossums are also described in game as "natural actors" for being able to play dead. They are also known to be timid, because if they are prey to many carnivores in game.

Way Of The OpossumEdit

1.Attract two rats to Misty Bog

2.Get three opossums to move in

3.Get an opossum to play dead to a heron