The oak tree is a tree in SimAnimals for the Wii that produces seeds called acorns. They can be found in Snobby Manor, Foggy Creek and Castle Hill and can provide holes in the trunk for smaller animals to seek refuge in (squirrels, weasels, etc). When shaken down, the hollow log and stump can be used as a shelter for bears, skunks and many other animals.

In Game DescriptionEdit

The large oak grows tiny acorns that attract small animals, many of which bunk in holes in the trunk. Fallen logs provide shelter and a wood resource for beavers. Though sprouts prefer to live in grass, sapling and mature oaks dry the ground to their liking.

Soil PreferenceEdit

Sprouts(a young tree) prefer grassy soil while older trees require dry(sandy) soil.

Eaten byEdit

Acorns are eaten by Squirrels, Robins, Hedgehogs, Crows, and other herbivores.

Sapling trees will be eaten by wolves!