House mouse uc

A real mouse

The tiny and meek mouse. Timid and shy. Squeaking with fear at the sight of predators-dogs and cats and foxes-oh my! They leap back into their burrows or a pile of sticks left over from a dead bush-which actually make handy homes. The mouse is possibly the smallest animal in the game-making vulnerable to all predators. They are mainly found in Grassy Glen, but can be attracted elsewhere. The mouse stays to it's favorite tree nuts and flowers for it's food.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Inspiring more oohs than eeks, the wee mouse is undeniably cute. Like rats and humans, the other most adaptive species on the planet, this tiny plant-eater is highly social. Unfortunatley, predators would rather eat the mouse than make friends.

Favorite FoodsEdit


Beech Seeds


Spruce Pinecones


Pile of Sticks(left over from dead Bush)


Hollow Log(or Stump)

Common name in gamesEdit