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Hedgehog in game

The hedgehog is unlocked in Castle Hill after they are attracted by all the chestnut trees. They are small, cute and covered in short spines. The hedgehog can roll into a ball showing only the spines-for it's own protection. Despite their timid and meek nature, they can defend themselves against predators such as bears and dogs. Hedgehogs in the game eat many berries and nuts.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Hedgehogs have brown to tannish fur and brown spikes with short legs. They also have beady eyes and pink noses. Their ears aren't seen easily unless they put their heads up. Many people describe them like a tiny porcupine.

In personality, hedgehogs are extremely shy animals that are timid because they have a ton of predators, tiny dogs to bears. They are meek and humble souls, and make friends with animals that trust the player.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Although small enough to satisfy the tummies of any carnivore, these little guys are resourceful. Hedgehogs roll up into a spiky ball upon the first sign
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The hedgehog

of danger. The hedgehog's special armor allows the critters to graze all day on sprouts and berries.

Favorite FoodsEdit

Beech Nuts





Pile of Sticks (left from dead bush)


Hollow Stump

Common names in gameEdit