Grassy Glen in the second land you unlock in SimAnimals for the Wii.


Grassy Glen is a large grassy meadow, featuring a small pond, and a cliff that overhangs it, and looks out over the meadow. Spruce trees, ash trees, and various flowering plants and grasses are dotted across the area. This level features a tutorial on how to use Discovery Mode and how to grow plants by waving your hand over a plant that has butterflies flying over it. One squirrel already lives here.

Existing AnimalsEdit


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These are plants commonly found here and/or plants already present at the start of the level.

  • Ash Tree
  • Spruce Pine
  • Clover
  • Carrots
  • Daffodil
  • Poppy
  • Mint
  • Summer Pheasant's Eye
  • Blackberry Bush


Upon arrival, you find that one squirrel lives there. The game offers a tutorial about how to use discovery mode, and how to grow plants. After you help spread a clover plant, a rabbit is attracted by the clover. You then must feed a patch of clover to a rabbit and then make the rabbit move in. Then, by growing plants that the rabbit likes, such as clovers, you may attract a second rabbit, and if you get that rabbit to move in, you earn the medal "Way of the Rabbit". Meanwhile, a mouse will eventually arrive, attracted by the clover, and you must befriend it and make it move in. Then in order to attract another mouse, the game tells you to gather spruce pinecones in your backpack (these are one of a mice's favorite foods). This isnt difficult, just shake some down from the nearby spruce trees. Then you may attract a second mouse, in which you must make it move in, resulting in the medal "The Way of the Mouse". Then a crow will fly in, attracted to the mice, on the menu as its favorite prey item. But the crow will settle for carrots, and you must feed a patch of carrots to a crow and move two crows into the area, to get the award "The Way of the Crow". Watch out: a dog will also come, and they love to eat mice. Just befriend the dog and the mice, and drop the dog onto the mouse in order for them to play with each other and become friends. Then the mice wont be scared of the dog, and they wont emit so much negative energy. Something that will really bring down your happiness is the negative energy that animals emit when they are scared of a predator. Always try to make the predators friends with the prey-unless the predator is hungry-then you may have to sacrifice one of your squirrels or mice-which there are quite an abundance of.