The crow

The crow-smart and witty-known for it's squawky voice-is often found quite annoying and sometimes obnoxious-stealing food and eating smaller animals. However, they can be a symbol for luck. The crow is black all over-from head to toe. Even their feet. They love eating mice-their favorite non-plant food. They also will gladly eat nuts and vegetables. Crows in reality will eat anything they find-from garbage to roadkill. They can mainly be found in Grassy Glen, but Snobby Manor can inhabit crows if carrots and oak trees are plentiful.

In Game DescriptionEdit

The crafty and resourceful crow likes to hang out in trees and let others do all the hard work. Swift and audacious, this jet-black bird is known to swoop in and steal nuts and berries right in front of foraging animals.

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Diet (in the D.S. games)Edit

Crows are the one species of animal that can eat fish,but rarely do.They would prefer bugs,nuts,and berries to fish. Out of all foods they like bugs the best,mostly the ones pollonating weeds.

Crow(in the D.S. games)Edit

Crows are usually seen at Thin Woods and the Junkyard ,but rarely anywhere else.Squirrels and crows almost never play.Usually when they get near each other they start squauking and chattering, then they lose trust with each other(though they don't tend to have it in the first place).You don't usually have to do anything to attract a crow.All they require is trees,sticks and bugs.