Beaver carrying a stick

The beaver is nature's construction worker, building dams to block waterways and waddling through the woods with their stout bodies, webbed feet, and a flat tail. They use the tail to signal danger and to pat down mud when building a dam. In the game, if a beaver is happy, you can get a fallen log, place it by a dam narrowing, and then get a beaver and place it next to the log and the narrowing. You will see the beaver waddle over to the log, start chewing at the wood and then a stick will appear. The beaver will grab the stick and take it over and start building the dam. Or if you want to speed things up, just wave your hand over the log to make sticks and then soon enough, you'll have a dam! The beaver is very important in the game as the beaver can allow water to flow in some of the driest areas of the game and it can clean polluted water. The beaver also can be used in Danger Woods to dam off the polluted pond. So be sure to make friends with a beaver. Beavers are unlocked in Castle Hill and are attracted by chestnut trees and dam narrowings so they often visit River Ridge.

In Game DescriptionEdit

The beaver's trademark buckteeth are perfect for foraging and chewing down trees and bushes. This diligent and picky builder turns select timber, along with stones and mud, into dams that not only provide shelter but also create lovely lakes.

Favorite FoodsEdit


Water Lilies

Water Lettuce

Noble Fir Pinecones


Dam Narrowing

Common Names in GameEdit