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The bear is an animal that appear in the SimAnimals game. They are somewhat the mascot of the game and the top predator of the food chain. They eat all the other mammals of SimAnimals and some songbirds. The ideal location for bears on the game is River Ridge. The types of bear in the game are Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, and Spectacled Bears. Bears are the most popular animal in the game and appear in the most commercials. Despite being at the top of the food chain, they prefer blackberries and other fruits much more. They can only live in hollow stumps.
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Favorite FoodsEdit





Appearance and TraitsEdit

Bears walk around clumsily. They have big claws and are the biggest animals in the game with short stubby tails. Bears have a body type that's much like a badger. Grizzly Bears have dark to light brown fur. Black bears have completely black fur with a tan snout. Spectacled bears, like black bears, have black fur but have tan spectacles around their faces. Cub look like grown ups but smaller with bigger ears.

In personality, they are mean and grumpy animals when they are introduced. However, they are like overgrown puppies when they trust other animals or the player. They play like puppies to the point where they can play fetch. Bears are also rather clumsy and don't show much intelligence in the game.

Way Of The BearEdit

1.Grow several blackberry bushes 2.Make a bear pull a stick out of a beaver dam 3. Play fetch with a bear


 Common names for the male bears are Claws, Boris, Bronson, and Bjorn. The most common for the female bears are Bertha, Belinda and Gertrude.