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Badgers are mammals that live underground with their families in a burrow called a sett. In the Junkyard you meet two of them. The animals that badgers eat are mice, rats, squirrels, songbirds, porcupines, hedgehogs, opossums, skunks, and rabbits. They are eaten by wolves and bears. There are two species of badgers in the game: American badger(Taxidea Taxus) and the Eurasian badger(Meles Meles). Omnivorous animals, badgers can eat nuts, mushrooms, and pinecones when they aren't eating fruits & animals. They are members of the weasel family and related to otters, weasels, ferrets, and wolverines.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Badgers are brave animals that stand their ground more often than not, even against animals over twice their size! Despite their stubborn demeanor, badgers enjoy play time, digging in the dirt, and mouse soufflé.

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Appearance & Traits:Edit

In appearance, they are stocky, short-legged animals. Males appear much more sleek than females. Females has shorter snout than males and have much more bushy tales. Their colors range in black, grey, and brown. Eurasian badgers have white faces with stripes(which are the same color as the body) around their eyes that go to the nose. American badgers however, have grey bodies, brown paws, a white stripe on the neck, and whites faces with a brown stripe around the eyes. Badgers also appear to have long necks, which can be seen when they hop into burrows. Their body is shaped much like a small bear.

7badgers and rabbits copy

Badgers chasing two rabbits

In personality, they are grumpy, mean animals who don't make friends easily. Like many animal babies, badger cubs are much more likely to make friends (even with potential prey like mice). Badgers are brave and tenacious as well and will stand their ground against animals more than twice their size. They make growls, snarls, and hisses.

Way Of The Badger:Edit

To get "Way Of The Badger", you must

1. Get three badgers to live in the Junkyard

2. Make a baby badger friends with a rat

3. Grow 3 apple trees




Bruiser (Male)

Maude (Female)

Hercules (Male)

Eleanor (Female)